The T-Bone Identity

Everything you should know about a T-Bone Steak and how to grill it on Weber’s gas grill

My excitement was huge last week when Hubert´s mother came to visit us from Austria with two beautiful T-Bone steaks in her suitcase. 1.4 kg of wonderful meat which would cost us a fortune here in Switzerland! A nice present which should be grilled very soon…

T-Bone Steak

Looking at the steaks I remembered hotel school, when we had to study all different cuts of meats and animals. I didn’t quite remember anymore which part exactly the T-Bone Steak is of  (Hello short-term memory!). Time to dig out “the Pauli” – a sort of cooking bible for cooks-to-be and THE book which accompanied my food knowledge studies in Lausanne. I found all my handwritten notes again and learned, for the second time, that the T-Bone Steak is a small version of the Porterhouse steak:

cuts of beef


The T-Bone steak is from the loin of the beef, a part which is not strained a lot when the animal moves. Therefore it is a very lean meat. The steak consists of roast beef on one side and filet on the other side, the bone in the middle. For the T-Bone steak the filet part is a bit smaller, because it is from a part, which is located a bit more up front of the beef.

The T-Bone steak can be grilled on direct heat. Before you put it on the grill, dry it with some paper towel. If it is too wet, you can’t really sear the meat, but it will rather be steamed instead. In the end you want to have it nice and crusty outside and a juicy inside. The meat has to have room temperature before grilling. If you put it on the grill straight from the fridge the meat will literally get a shock and become chewy. If you defrost it, you need to give it enough time to come down to room temperature.

According to “Weber’s Grill Bible” you are supposed to salt the meat before putting in on the grill. The salt can better penetrate the meat. But don’t salt it more than 30 mins before, otherwise it will soak the juice and the meat becomes dry. Personally, I like to grill it without salt at all and just put some smoked salt flakes on top of it when it is already on my plate. I think the pure taste of a good quality meat does not need a lot of seasoning beforehand. But this is really up to you!

We had two T-Bone steaks, the bigger one was 730gr and about 2.5 cm thick. For a medium rare result we grilled it on direct heat for about 8-9 minutes, 4.5 minutes on each side. If you like to have this squared grill pattern on your meat you need to carefully turn the meat 45° after about two minutes. You can also use meat thermoter, for medium rare the temperature should be 63°C.

And now have a look at this nice grilling process 🙂

It is important that after the meat is ready you let it rest for at least 4-5 minutes, covered with some tin foil. The fibers will relax again, the juice will come out and the result will be perfect!

As a side dish I served baked sweet potatoes with sour cream. Yummy!

I wrapped the sweet potatoes in tin foil and put them on the grill for about 45 mins. They will keep warm, so no problem to grill the meat after you took them off the grill. Mix some sour creme with curd cheese, fresh chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Together this will be a original side dish and a good alternative to the normal baked potatoe.

Sweet Potatoe

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