An octopus a day keeps the hunger away…

…or culinary vacation in Croatia

Octopus cookedKnowing that we would cook some really good food, my intention was to post a recipe from our vacation here in Croatia. Change of plan. I am sharing some impressions, and also use this post as a first opportunity to introduce Andrea, who you will hopefully read more from in the future.

We’ve been looking forward to this week of vacation for a long time! Not only because we were craving sun and temperatures above 20 C after a long winter in Denmark, but also because we’re here with Andrea, Taya and their daughter Anya. They are good friends from the time when we were still living in Switzerland and even though we’re since 3 years far up in the north, we managed to keep the friendship up. The yearly highlight is a week of vacation together  in a jointly rented house… first in Marbella, last year in Marrakesh and now in Makarska, a coastal town in Croatia.

We shared the passion for good food already back in Switzerland,  and when we still lived close to each other spent countless lunches and dinners at each others houses. Andrea, originally from Italy,  is a great cook – pretty much everything he has cooked for us was delicious! Fish & seafood of all kinds, homemade pasta, perfect BBQs, great stews, focaccia, and and and…

peeling faveWe are of course also practicing our food-mania during vacation – usually experiencing the local cuisine at nice restaurants with the kids and cooking or grilling with our purchases of the day in the evening. So here we are, in Croatia and four days in, the balance is:

  • 3 delicious seafood lunches  (never missing an octopus dish)
  • 1 mouth-watering veal/lamb “peka” (roasted on the grill for a few hours under an iron bell)
  • 2 meat BBQs with T-Bone, Lamb ribs and of course Cevapcici
  • 1 Fish BBQ featuring Dorade and an Octopus
  • 1 Seafood pasta dinner

Octopus and moreAnd I am more the assistant in the kitchen this time! One might think that the only thing we are doing here is eating and cooking… but that’s not true. We also spend quite a lot of time talking about where and what to eat  next, and where to buy the food.

But we’re of course also having fun with the kids. The three of them are enjoying the pool and our trips. And actually, they also seem to enjoy the food. Looking forward to 2 more days – hopefully the sun will come back after a mixed day today. And after that, time for a week of diet and detox 😉dinner terrace

Right now, Andrea is in the kitchen, preparing an octopus salad, grilled artichokes from the local market and a beautiful Saint Peters fish that we bought on the fish market in Split (before having a great seafood lunch by the yacht harbour). But I hope I can still convince him to post a few lines about himself in the coming days, followed by some recipes in the future.




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