Meet the FoodFamily: Katja

KatjaHi, I am Katja, the sister of Claudia and Eva, the one in between. I am grateful that they created this blog, as we urgently need an outlet for our food craziness!

Concerning our family, a lot has already been said by my sisters. In short: Food, cooking, eating and food again. We love high quality, celebrating meals with friends and family and good restaurants – this goes without saying. In other words – (the words of my husband Peter): Lifestyle of food and talking about food:-) Well, Peter didn´t know what he was doing to himself by marrying me in November 2012 and already since we met in 2009 he had to suffer my passion – but he has learned to appreciate it, too.

In our household the division of work is clear: I am the one in the kitchen. But there is another member of our family to be mentioned: Our 5 months old son Jan. By now, he is quite unimpressed by my cooking skills, preferring breast milk and baby food, but I am looking forward to the time, when he can participate in our meals.

Last but not least: Myself. In 2007 I changed my previous life (I was working in the tourism industry) I overcame my fear of natural sciences and started my studies of pharmacy at the university of Marburg. 5 years later I passed my exam and found a job in a corporation of several pharmacies. Advising people on sanitary issues – that’s what I always wanted to do and I really love my job. By the end of this month (May 2014) I will broaden my expertise by starting a professional training as a nutritionist – another dream of mine coming true. We will see how I will use this later on…
I am happy to make my contribution to this blog – here are some of my first posts:

Linzer Torte – cake from Linz with plums

Carrot Orange Soup

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Vanilla Mousse with strawberries and chocolate chips

Vegan Bulgur Salad

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