Meet the FoodFamily: Eva

Meet EvaServus, Grüuezi and Hallo! Eva here, the youngest of three food sisters! And this does not mean I am less into food or cooking or spending lots of time in the kitchen or at restaurants (okay…probably more time in the kitchen than in restaurants, simply because it´s ridiculously expensive to eat out in Zurich).
Have to say, I was thrilled when Claudia called a few weeks ago and I immediately knew: Me too, I want to try this! Had the idea already last year, it was one of my new year resolutions to start a food blog, I even started taking pictures and all that, came up with a name and then….you know how it works with new year resolutions…So even better Claudia has the guts (and the time) to actually do it and I am happy to join! As she said, it´s not only us, there is another food loving sister, and an abnormally great cooking mum with a real gourmet husband, a dad, aka “master of meat and soups”, uncle, cousin, and quite some recipes from last generations…But let´s not reveal too much yet.

About myself: I´ve been living in Switzerland for almost 8 years, made a quick 18 month break in Vienna, fell in love with this beautiful city and my Austrian boyfriend Hubert, who came to join me in Zurich after two years of long-distance relationship. Yeay! We´ve shortly moved into a new apartment, so the past weeks were more about furniture, rather than cooking a meal for friends. Does Hubert love cooking as well? Ahm…let´s put it likes this: he loves good food, but prefers to keep it simple.

How come everyone in our family likes to eat, drink a good glass of wine and cook for family and friends? Well, there might be something in our genes. Other people are ambitious about physics or math, we are about food! Given this hereditary disposition, it was a sure thing for me to dig into this field a bit deeper, so I´ve spent 4 ½ years at hospitality school, where I could really learn a lot about food, wine, hotels and marketing! Yes, marketing! That´s another interest of mine, to be exact the digital world of it. I have been working as an online marketer for the past 4 years and since last July I am back in the hotel business. So restaurants and food are pretty much around me all day – I guess you can imagine now how much fun this blog will be for me!

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