Meet the FoodFamily: Claudia

ClaudiaI am Claudia. I LOVE food. Love to cook – always did, and enjoy good food with a glass of wine…. I come from a family where food is SO important. Pretty much everyone in our family likes to eat, cook and talk about it. And the few ones who don’t sometimes really have a hard time. When I first met my husband Timo, I very quickly checked out his culinary interest… and luckily he shares my passion (cooked the best ever Lasagne for first date – check! Note to myself: I need to post his recipe).

I always liked to travel – and try the local food. The list of exotic culinary experiments is long: starting from Crickets in Thailand, to guinea pig in Ecuador, to rattle snake in Cambodia and so on… I enjoy to bring home some recipes (less experimental ones ;-)),  or ideas for meals. After lots of traveling before, during and after my studies, I started the “serious life”, began to work as a Brand Manager and lived in Frankfurt for a few years. Later Timo and I moved to Switzerland because of work, enjoyed the lovely lake Geneva region where our two kids Lea (5) and Lukas (soon 4) were born. Guess what – they like to eat! But there’s some work to be done… right now they strive more for chocolate and pasta without the yummy Bolognese sauce…

12 years after our first encounter, we’re here in Copenhagen – again due to work. We enjoy Denmark and the city. Incredibly many great restaurants (I’ll soon tell you more about them, and about our ambitous project to test 100 restaurants in 3 years…). Right now, moving again is not on the agenda at all. We and the kids like it a lot here, family life is easy and the quality of life great. The sea is close by, the forest as well (very much appreciated by Labradoodle Ronja (9 months), our newest family member). If only the weather could be better!

I’m the oldest of 3 sisters… (who both like to cook and eat ;-)). You will also read a lot from Eva, the youngest and my CoBlogger. But we’re quite sure that you will also hear from our sister Katja together with some other FoodFamily guest bloggers we already identified.

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