Thomas “Big uncle Tom” (English)

Meet Thomas, our uncle from Kulmbach – master of good meaty dishes who loves to indulge in good food and wine. Husband of Isolde, who decorates the most beautiful dinner tables and makes (not only) very tasty deserts. See what Thomas says about himself  – the below text has been translated by us: click here for the original German version.

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Big uncle tom



Relation to FoodFamily

Godfather of Claudia, favourite & “biggest” uncle of Katja and Eva. Brother of Christine.

Where do you live?

Höferänger, Germany (northern Franconia)

How and where did you learn to cook?

Mainly through observing our parents, our father was a great cook. But also through reading cooking books – recipes and cooking techniques in theory. And through cooking for friends and eating with the family whilst discussing the recipes and the next meal.

What is your signature dish?

Bohemian pork roast with bohemian dumplings and Weißkraut (cooked white cabbage).

What is your favourite food?

Saftgulasch (Goulash)

What was your worst cooking experience ever?

While preparing the christmas dinner in 2013, I seasoned the parmesan soup with a spice I rarely use. The floating black points in the soup turned out to be little bugs. As bugs are in general healthy (containing mainly protein and chitin), my daughter Katharina and I decided to fish them out, and to blend the ones we didn’t catch with the soup. We didn’t tell anyone – we didn’t want to spoil the christmas evening with mourning about small dead bugs. (Note by the Claudia:”if only I knew…”, Note by Eva: “Thank god I wasn’t there!”)

What is your favourite restaurant?

The “Dorfschänke” in Trebgast,  and old, simple tavern in the countryside. Well frequented by locals and with typical Franconian kitchen: pork roast, duck, goose, sauerbraten (braised beef) and beef roulades – everything served with “Grüne Klöße” (potato dumplings) and sauerkraut or red cabbage.

Your favourite FoodFamily recipe?

Lamb racks –  very simple and very tasty. And easily variable via sauces and side dishes.

What is your most crucial kitchen equipment/ tool?

My 90 cm wide oven by Gaggenau, in combination with a normal oven. With those I can for example prepare 3 large geese at once.

What else should we know about you?

I eat very varied and healthy food. But above all, too much and too fat – that is the bohemian and Sudeten german heritage. That’s why I’m “Big uncle Tom”.
Cooking and eating are by favourite activities. To cook and to eat is creative, communicative and sometimes also contemplative – there can even be a meditative side to it. And – not to forget – alcohol belongs to it as a side actor, and sometimes even as the protagonist – mostly wine. What a wonderful combination!

Joke: How should each good recipe start? — Take a good bottle of wine and pour it…. into the cook.



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