Meet the family

We already mentioned our obsession with good food, cooking and eating out – it seems to be in our genes. No family reunion without a feast, and without lots of talk about food. Our blog has resonated very well within our family and we already have a list of future contributors to the blog. On this site, we will introduce you to our family and you will be able to get to know each FoodFamily contributor in person:

The protagonists

We are two of this three sisters who in spring 2014 came up with the idea of giving our foodmania a platform. On April 28, the first blogpost was published and we have been busy cooking and blogging since.






The family

Katja is sister number 2 – currently taking her interest in food to the next level, she is qualifying as a nutrition coach. She was the first one to join in and has in the meantime already contributed with some great recipes.



Christine is our mother – a passionate cook and the one who has made us to the food fanatics that we are. She’s been the one teaching us the most and for sure also our most honest critic 😉



Thomas aka “Big uncle Tom” is a master of good meaty dishes who loves to indulge in good food and wine. And husband of Isolde, who decorates the most beautiful dinner tables and also makes very tasty desserts.