FoodFamily’s first anniversary – 6 FoodFamily highlights of the past 12 months


One year ago, we launched FoodFamily, a food blog which should pass on our passion for food and cooking to interested and like-minded foodies out there. 120 recipes and countless hours later we are still very enthusiastic about our joint project and are planning to keep it up in the future! We’ve learned so much about food blogging and it is still a long way to go, especially when it comes to food photography! We will share our insights and learnings in a separate post, but first wanted to share the highlights of the past 12 months with you…

1. – The Launch

A weekend to remember! We met up at Claudia’s in Copenhagen and started a real cooking marathon for our launch recipes. The result was a rustic BBQ menu and fancy dishes such as beet root salad or couscous salad with pomegranate and yoghurt-feta dressing. In the meantime we worked on the blog itself and were very excited!

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2. Our most popular post so far: The T-Bone identity

BBQ season has just started again. Our analytics s show that “The T-Bone identity” had the most page impressions so far! Which cut is a T-Bone steak from, how to grill it and what to serve with? Prep yourself for the BBQ season! DSCN3124

3. A new design for FoodFamily

In August and only three months after launching the blog, we’ve decided to change the design template of FoodFamily to optimise the usability for our readers and also provide a better mobile experience. So much more fun to work with a clean and fresh design!

4. Claudia’s Foodfamily trip  to Switzerland and France

Writing about food is fun! But let’s be honest: eating it even more! Read about Claudia’s culinary highlights when she and her family traveled to Switzerland and Burgundy. 8 days of pure indulgence…Although we love to cook, we do enjoy to be cooked for as well! Or stroll around food fares and try new delicacies (or some glasses of wine)…

Switzerland France

5. Streetfood Festival in Zurich

We love the fact that more and more people seem to understand that convenient and quick food do not necessarily equal junk food. This was proven at Zurich’s 2nd Streetfood Festival. It was crowded and everyone came to enjoy good quality and mouth-watering Streetfood. Our father liked it too! #foodfamily

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6. Cooking class with Austrian Michelin chef Hans Haas in Munich

Definitely THE highlight of the year! (Thanks Mom!) A real honor to spend a day in the kitchen with such a great chef like Hans Haas. We don’t want to reveal too much at this point, because we will tell you all about our learnings of the cooking class in Munich soon. Recipes will follow too, of course!


Dear foodies and FoodFamily followers: We hope our highlights were also some of your highlights! Please let us know your feedback about our blog, recipes you wish for or areas to improve on. Anything you want to read more about? (Or less?) We look forward to another FoodFamily year! 



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