Raffinierte Tartes

Sweet and Savoury Pies

posted by Claudia

This is a very new addition to my cookbook collection, a present from my parents in law. In a store, it might not have caught my attention because the cover is a bit boring… two smiling chefs holding a pie each (yes – a sweet and a savoury one…). But it actually has a lot of good recipes to offer! The book divides into classic pie recipes, unusual ones and quick ones. And what I really like a lot is a whole section in the end about basics, and standard pie dough recipes. Very good explanation about how to prepare a standard pastry including interesting variations like chocolate shortbread dough, cookie crumble dough, peanut pastry, and so on.

All recipes are very well described – the book is written by Annik Wecker and Alfons Schubeck. The latter is a popular German Michelin Star chef, these days very present on TV, and Annik Wecker is a German cookbook author and the former wife of the musician Konstantin Wecker.

So far, I have tried the Strawberry Pie with chocolate shortbread base, and it was great. Next on my list are the Goat Cheese Pie with Figs and the Pineapple Tarte Tatin…

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