If I were your wife

or how to make every day taste like Saturday

posted by Claudia

If I were your wifeI discovered this book when visiting our friends in Sweden. It’s one of these books that grabs your attention at first sight… a good coffee-table book because it looks nice, and with it cardboard cover, you instantly want to touch it and look inside. And of course cover photo and title are kind of… unusual for a cooking book. I guess there a few people who would not pick it up and look inside… and probably spend quite some time discovering the content and pictures. I first started taking pictures of some of the recipes to try them when coming home… but soon noticed that I took a picture of every other page – so decided to buy the book myself. So now I’m proud owner of the English edition.

The book is written by Lotta Lundgren, a swedish copywriter with an obvious passion for food. She definitely knows her profession – each of the recipes is accompanied by a fun text or anecdote… And I can definitely recommend to start the book with the Epilogue, in which Lotta describes the hungriest day in her life… hilarious!

And then, the pictures, of course. Amazing photography, let’s call it unconventional for a cooking book. Just to give you an idea, here are a few of my favourites:

A lot of writing about this cooking book – and no mention of the recipes!? Not for a reason! As mentioned above I was inspired by nearly all the recipes. As the title says it, it’s about everyday recipes, which are all special with a certain twist. And for sure family friendly – I have just posted the Banana Pancakes with tropical fruit, but there are numerous other ideas I can see my family would enjoy: Baked bell peppers with toasted couscous, Chicken on lemongrass skewers, Jerusalem artichoke soup with walnut croutons and so on… you will for sure read some more from Lotta on this blog.

By the way… the book started as a blog. So who know’s what’s still to expect from FoodFamily…

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