Hello there! Here comes another food blog!

foodblog FoodFamily Yes, I know what you think…. “who needs yet another food blog?”! I’ve been down that path, too. On top, I had no idea how to approach it, and too many other things to do…. So instead of starting a food blog, I post on FB, save recipes on the harddisk or Evernote – or not at all.

But somewhere in the back of my head… the food blog idea was still there. Every dinner that turned out well, each good-looking dish screamed “I’m your food blog content! Share me!“. Shut up!

I recently attended an Online Marketing course with the intention to update myself with the latest & greatest… obviously never heard of those things in my studies years ago. Interesting. A week or so after the course started, I was really inspired… Social Media, SEO, SEM, Adwords, WordPress… my head buzzed. I needed a case to work on… NO IDEA! ……or?

Why not taking a stab at this ….food blog?

Talked this on the phone with my sister Eva… (after inconciously scanning potential contacts who would love the idea and urge me to go on…). AND: “great idea”. Better – she quickly accepted to join in! Quick sidenote: in our family, food is everything! No meal where we don’t discuss what to cook eat and drink next and which restaurant to go to etc. THE Food Family! So mental support about a food related project is to expect 😉

During the past 7 weeks, our food blog moved from brainstorming to concept to execution phase… and here we are – going online! Screening the food blog landscape was quite intimidating…. there are so many out there! And are those people all professional photographers? What will our blog offer that the other’s dont??? Not sure we managed to completely answer that… but do we have to? FoodFamily will be our culinary playground, a platform to do what we like – cook, share recipes, talk about food and restaurants. And maybe there’s an audience out there that likes what we like (beyond our family, who will of course be urged to generate traffic… and maybe even content).

In any case we have a diverse cooking audience… amongst them:

  • hungry, picky kids (need to avoid anything green on the plate)
  • not-so-picky but VERY hungry men (husband, partner, father, uncle, ….)
  • a health-concious sister
  • some dears with special needs – e.g milk allergy
  • a demanding and critical mom (assigned “Head of Quality Control”)
  • friends that want to be spoiled with some really special food (and if they don’t want, we do it anyway… because we like it!)

Not a very homogenous group, but there will be food for each of them…

So far we’re having fun, learned a lot (note to my WordPress teacher…. it wasn’t THAT easy!), spent a lot of hours on the phone/ skype and are curious to see where this journey will take us! Sounds interesting? Be our guest and follow us on foodfamily.net or on facebook!






  1. Charlotte says

    Hi Claudia!

    Congratulations on your blog – you are SO cool, and I look very much forward to following you and your sisters’ work in the kitchen.

    Love the pictures, love the style – everything!

    Wish you all the best!

    / Charlotte

  2. Big uncle tom says

    Hallo claudia,
    Here is your hungry big uncle. I’m waiting for something to inspire me.
    Perhaps Charlotte,..but she is too enthusiastic in loving everything whats made by you. What kind of special relationship does she have with you, based on cooking?
    If you need some inspiration for roasted beef, all kinds of kraut,
    Roasted Ducks, Klöße, Beef in a sauce with horseradish and all the frankonian stuff, you know i’m your man.
    Well done, keep it up!
    Your big uncle Tom

  3. Claudia says

    Hello hungry big uncle! Inspiration will come soon… And: you are already on our shortlist of guestbloggers 🙂 Hol schon mal die Kamera raus und mach ein paar Fotos beim nächsten Braten!

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