About Us

We love food, we love to cook and we love to talk about it!


evaclaudiaWhen our family comes together, sharing a meal is our way of celebrating the reunion. For some reason almost every one in our close family has a special interest in good food, many of us like to create it, some of us prefer to “just” enjoy it. Some like it quick and simple, some like the haute cuisine style. It really is a way of life and a hobby we all share. We call each other for tips and tricks or to find some inspiration what to cook next. When we visit special restaurants we like to pay attention to the detail and discuss everything which we like or don’t like (some people find this very exhausting;-) ). Our mother is probably the most experienced and courageous cook among us and it is a real shame that she never recorded everything she cooked so far. It would fill many, many books!

The purpose of this blog is versatile: Creating a platform to share recipes with our family and friends. To create an archive which we can use for reference later on, but most importantly to pass on the fun of cooking to you!

For us FoodFamily is mostly fun and a food blog for everyone who

  • believes cooking is not a waste of time but a way to relax
  • loves sharing a great meal with friends and family
  • appreciates a home-made meal, even though everyday life is already very busy
  • simply likes to read food blogs!

What makes us special?

We are sisters co-blogging from Copenhagen, Germany and Switzerland with family members who have great recipes up their sleeves. Our grandfather taught us the best Kaiserschmarrn and Gulasch ever and our grandmother wrote down all her Christmas cookie recipes for us…We can´t promise to reveal all our family recipes, but you will certainly get some worthy insights!

 Claudia, Katja and Thai Bolognese


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