Beetroot Pizza Bianca… and a speed trick for your home-made Pizza

I’m dreaming of a white Pizza…

beetroot pizza

It’s Friday – Pizza day, as you might already know by now. We still stick to our tradition of making Pizza together with the kids (almost) every Friday, and we still like it a lot. But we are also really looking for some variation from time to time. So whilst Lea and Lukas stick to their favourites (Pizza Marguerita and Pizza with ham), I started to experiment and make Pizzas “with a twist”. …

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Ribollita with Chorizo

A recipe inspired by our cousin Cornelia Poletto I wanted to share this recipe a while ago. It still resonates from our wonderful Tuscany vacation past September. “Ribollita” literally means “reboiled”. It is very famous in Tuscany, a hearty potage made with bread and vegetables.

kålpølse lentil salad

Danish “kålpølse” with lentil salad

Some true comfort food (or: the perfect hangover cure) Why talking about Danish kålpølse in this festive season, you might wonder… but you might soon understand. This is the season of christmas parties. Everywhere, of course. But if you live in Denmark, you know that Christmas party (aka julefrokost) is not “only” a Christmas party,…

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