Creamy lentil soup with smoked eel

lentil soup smoked eel

Freshly smoked eel is a delicacy that makes me remember many fun weekends I spent camping with friends during my school and university time. Once a year, I used to take of with a group of friends to a small campground in “Polle an der Weser” for a couple of convivial days with lots of BBQ, lots and lots of beer… and freshly smoked eel which we bought from a fisherman’s booth at the entrance of the campsite. …

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Thai Chicken Salad

After having recovered from a nasty flu, I was craving for some healthy food last weekend. I haven’t cooked Asian food for a while, so the idea for a Thai salad came up. 

Chicken nuggets

Home-made Chicken Nuggets and French Fries

If you have kids at about the same age as mine (4 and 6), you might face the same recurring problem: what to make for dinner. Especially with little time between coming home from work and dinner time, I find myself making the same things over and over – the repertoire consists of